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A History - Bouse Booster Club

The Bouse Booster Club was organized May 21, 1964. Folks had been meeting at the Ocotillo Lodge on Saturday nights to play bingo. At the time the Lodge was owned by Ray Townsend. Rosa Williams and Betty Townsend organized the club. First officers were Frances Duncan, President; Del Long, VP; Elma Beulke Sec/Treas. Three names were considered when naming the club:  Snowbirds, D-Backs, and Bouse Boosters.  Final decision was Bouse Booster Club.  Membership dues were $1 per year.

Monthly meetings were held on the first Saturday of the month with a potluck before the meeting. They sold licence plates for $2.50 to raise money. The bingo equipment was purchased by Ray Townsend and then given to the club. The first president was Ray Townsend and Armondo 'Monday' Montijo was the first vice president.

John Townsend bought the first TV transmitter to Bouse. It was turned over to the Booster Club to maintain. The club replaced that system with a TV tower which provided TV to four stations. The tower was dismantled in 2011

OldSchoolHouseIn 1971, the railroad built a new school for Bouse and the old building was sold to the Arizona Western Churches Ranch (also known as the Church Ranch). The ranch could not afford to move the building, so they offered to sell it to the Booster's for $1.00. The members voted and accepted the offer and decided to buy 2 lots across from the school grounds at $1000 per lot and moved the building across the street for a cost of $800. The first building had two levels; half was up four steps, with restrooms on the upper level. Bingo games were held once a week. Shelves for books were built along one wall.

In 1976, it was decided the club needed more room so it was voted that we remove the lower part of the building and add on 30 X 50 foot addition.   The work was all done by the members except the concrete floor.  When the work was almost done, the money ran out to do the roof so, the next meeting; the members donated $435 so the roof could be put on.   We had a nice big room but no kitchen so one was set up in the corner.  Other things were held here too besides the potlucks and Bingo; even a style show with members taking part as models.  It was a lot of fun.

The first Christmas Bazaar was held on Dec 4, 1977; first Spring Fever Days on March 18-19, 1978.  Outside vendor spaces were rented for one dollar and inside spaces were two dollars.

Adding KitchenIn 1983, it was decided we needed a kitchen and restrooms on the main floor.  These rooms were added on and again members volunteered to do the work.  The work inside the kitchen was mostly done by Edgar Edwards and Gordon David with plenty of help from the other members.   Good use was made of the new part.  To help finance this aluminum cans were collected.  George Nault donated two swimming pools of cans.   This brought in $410.99.  The club did several projects for the town: street signs were needed so the club bought the materials and Gordon and Margaret David made the signs and many other members helped put them up (one sign is still in evidence at the corner of Frame and Worley).   Also, the town was overrun by cows because of the open range law so the BLM furnished fencing materials and men and women of the club fenced in the town.

In 1990, Edgar Edwards purchased the two lots next to the club for $2000 each and the club bought them from him for $2100 down and monthly payments of $127.48 for 5 years.  Later, John Townsend had the last two lots for $8000 and the club bought them for $2000 a year for 4 years.   John Townsend also donated the small triangle lot across the street from the Booster Hall.

The last of the old school building was removed in 1992, and by 1993 a 30 x 30 foot addition was constructed. The club started selling painted blocks on the interior walls to help pay for the construction costs.

In 1996, it was decided to add an office and 2 new bathrooms.  This was completed in 1997.  The two old bathrooms were later converted; one for a commercial dishwasher and one for a pantry type storage for the kitchen.

The block building solved two purposes; firstly the entire club was now on one level for easier access to all and Secondly, the block building was easier to insure.

In January of 2004, the club purchased a 40 foot storage container and placed it behind the building to be used for the extra tables, chairs, Christmas decorations, etc. There are no more additions planned at this time.



Since 2004, the Booster Club has evolved.  We still have the functions that Margaret has mentioned above.   The kitchen has been slowly renovated with new commercial appliances and this year will be getting a permanent food permit to serve the Breakfasts once a week and other meals that we serve throughout the year.     The boosters have an Ice Cream Social once a month and contribute to the community with donations to the schools and churches and by having activities to benefit the community such as game night, square dancing, art club, line dancing, arts and crafts, quilting and many other activities.

In 2016 the building was damaged during the monsoon season and was closed for several months for repairs opening again to the community in late November 2016.

The Boosters are still run by volunteers and depend greatly on the volunteer community to function and bring activities to the community of Bouse.   Please consider becoming a member of the Bouse Boosters and volunteering your time for the good of the community.

Meetings are held once a month preseded by a potluck. Many other groups and organizations use the hall year round. Until August 2012 it was a polling place for the Bouse District for State and Federal elections.. The Club still lives up to the original purpose as stated in the by-laws adopted in 1971.

The building is also used for the Friends of the Bouse Public Library annual Style Show. The Bouse Chamber of Commerce meets in the building for their monthly meetings.





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